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My name is Mia Spencer and I am a Cosmetic Merchandiser. I graduated from University of Alabama – Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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Welcome to our site! We’re excited to have you join us in our little section of the internet. By now, you probably know we run this website called “” We’re Cameron Seagle and Natasha Alden and on this site, you’ll find our experiences, photography, and informative travel guides. Our story begins over five years ago when we met in college and went off for a backpacking trip around the world. Like many, we returned to the “real world” and got jobs in New York City. After a year of living and working in the city, we realized that the rat race wasn’t for us and that there had to be something more than two weeks of vacation and working at an office 60+ hours a week.

Needless to say, we quit our jobs and set out for a life of adventure. Adventures that we’ve now grown to love. One of our most recent adventures involved driving a truck we bought across Africa. We found plenty of headspace in the African wilderness that we’ve now grown to love. Every day we want to spend less time in cities and more time in the great outdoors. You could say it’s a healthy addiction! We love off the beaten path destinations, sushi, snowboarding, animals, coffee, watching movies, and making videos.

On this website you’ll find useful travel tips, itineraries, travel videos, and stories from our adventures around the globe. is a place you can find up to date information and inspiration about traveling. Our goal is to bring the world to you and give you the resources to get out there and fall in love with travel like we did. Unless otherwise noted, every single blog post on this website is written by us and comes from our own experiences. We don’t have all the answers yet, but we are always ready to share with you what we do know!

If you have goods for review, contact us: +1 212-683-5103 | | 276 5th Ave Suite 704 New York, NY 10001.